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What does a Community Church Mean?

East Glenville is a “community” church which means we are a diverse group of people from numerous denominational backgrounds and traditions while others among us have no former church experience at all.  We live here and are a part of life in our community.  Our faith in Jesus Christ causes us to care about where we live and the people around us, to learn more about following Jesus and how to express that faith in our everyday life.  We invite you to join us.

What is a Congregational Church?

Being a congregational church, we are autonomous.  We consider Christ the head of our church.  There is not any ecclesiastical hierarchy.  We determine as a local fellowship how God would have us represent Him in the local community and around the world.  We have a strong emphasis on the priesthood of all believers, meaning that we rely on our people to find a means of serving God and others among us.  And its something we want to help you to discover for yourself.

What Denomination Is EGCC ?

EGCC is associated with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC) an Evangelical, Christ-centered denomination of about 300 churches in the United States.  The roots of the CCCC are in the Puritan tradition of the Pilgrims and have adopted into their thinking the wording from St. Augustine, “In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, diversity. In all things, charity.” For more about the CCCC, check their national website http://www.ccccusa.com/

How do I join EGCC?

Everyone is welcome here, whether you’ve been going to church all your life or have never gone before.  Those who regularly worship with us are part of our church family.  They have the benefit of all of our ministries.  We do have a membership class that helps participants deepen in their faith and following Jesus Christ.   We invite you to join us in that.  But membership is not necessary to worship with us.