Update from the Elders


Congregational feedback to the Elders at the April 2018 congregational meeting was to write down the staffing proposal and allow the congregation time to read the proposal and comment.

Why hire a full-time Youth Director before replacing the Senior Pastor?

The elders believe that people are looking for three things when they evaluate a church that they visit:

  1. Biblical preaching,
  2. Strong worship program,
  3. Strong youth program.

The Elders believe that EGCC is strong in biblical preaching with Pastor Brad as the interim Senior Pastor. Pastor Brad has agreed to stay at EGCC until the church indicates that he is no longer needed. The Elders also believe that we have a strong worship program at EGCC under the direction of Sandie. However, the Elders believe that we cannot provide the kind of youth program that we need to be able to without a full-time Youth Director. So, based on the fact that the congregation approved the concept of a full-time Youth Director at the January 2018 meeting, the Elders formed a search team after the April 2018 congregational meeting to begin the search and hiring process. The timing of this search was dictated by Jared Bender’s decision to step down as part time youth minister as of the end of June. The addition of a full-time Youth Director also serves to continue our investment in our youth that the church began by increasing Susan Perregaux’s (Children’s Ministry) hours and responsibilities. The Elders do not believe that it is in the best interest of EGCC to be searching to fill these two key positions (Senior Pastor, Youth Director) at the same time.

When would we form a search committee for the new Senior Pastor?

The Elders believe that it is in the best interests of EGCC that Pastor Brad remain at the church for at least one year after the new Youth Director is in place. The Elders also believe this is the best course of action for several reasons:

  1. This would allow Pastor Brad time to mentor the Youth Director in his role.
  2. The Elders want the Youth Director to get comfortable in this role and begin to build the student ministry prior to searching for a new Senior Pastor. We believe that having a vibrant youth ministry (both with the children ministry led by Susan and the youth ministry) will help attract strong candidates for the Senior Pastor position.

Therefore, the elders believe that the following timetable is our best proposal at the moment as to how this would play out:

  • Complete search for full-time Youth Director as soon as possible with a target hiring date of early Fall 2018
  • Establish a search committee for a Senior Pastor in the Fall of 2019 giving the youth and children’s ministry a full year to stabilize and grow. This will also give the church time to see the budgetary impact of having both a Senior Pastor and a full-time Youth Director.
  • The Elders also believe that it would be best if Pastor Brad would remain on board after a new Senior Pastor is hired. This would enable the new Senior Pastor to learn from and be mentored by Pastor Brad for a period of time. However, this would depend on the experience level of the man hired as the new Senior Pastor and would also depend on the financial position of the church at that time. If there is not a mentoring need and/or financial ability that would of course mean the departure of Pastor Brad when the new Senior Pastor is on board.

The Elders request that the congregation be in prayer as the search for the new full-time Youth Director continues. In addition, the Elders would appreciate feedback from the congregation on the above staffing proposal. Please grab one of us after church, give us a call or send us a note at our Elder E-mail address [elders @ egcchurch.org].