Women’s Ministries

The Women at the Wellegcc well

Close your eyes and picture a meeting place, a stone well where women come from different directions carrying jugs to gather cool and needed refreshment from the depths of the well.  Some come carrying more in their hearts than the heavy burden of the jugs.

Some talk about a sick child, some who are brave, talk about a problem in their marriage, some might talk about a meal they will prepare that evening.  Young, middle aged, older, all gathering water for their families but having fellowship together, spending time listening, offering help and support.  They care for one another, really care.  They serve one another.  They are there to have needed “women time”, talking, laughing, sharing, crying together and some are perhaps, off praying together…maybe 2 or even 3 or 4.

That’s what “Women at the Well”, our women’s ministry at East Glenville Community Church is all about.  Bringing our lives together, coming from different directions, carrying different burdens, showing compassion, learning how to love, serve, encourage and feeling like you belong.

Our Mission Statement:  Loving, Serving and Encouraging One Another as We Follow Jesus.

Are you thirsty?  Come to the well, and seek refreshment for your soul.

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