Adult Sunday School



This fall we will offer 4 classes. In keeping with our vision … “Loving God, Loving people and helping them to know and follow Jesus” and …Know, Share, Take, .. we are offering the following to further our abilities to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our hearts and minds:

  • Pastor Brad will be presenting the “Authentic Journey”
  • Geoff Switts will be presenting “Kingdom Living” {see more below)
  • Will Gideon will be presenting “The Apostle’s Creed” (6 wks)
  • Tom Bischoff will be presenting “The Gospel of John” (6 wks)

Kingdom Living is both a discussion class and a small group rolled into one.  As young singles, married, and parents, we share life together in both Sunday morning learning and outside events together.  We are currently studying from the book “The Case for Antioch”. The story of the church at Antioch is an inspiring drama, a model of a transformational church in the first century for the church in the twenty-first century. Antioch is an ancient model for the future church. This church, composed of transformed people, transformed its community, the Mediterranean region, and the world as we know it. We are fortunate to have an extensive biblical record of its beginning and early years of growth, along with examples of how it handled doctrinal debates, personality conflicts, and practical matters of church life, Christian devotion, and missionary outreach. This record provides a case study for starting and growing transformational churches. What a remarkable story! We have a detailed account of this amazing congregation—the first predominantly Gentile church— from its birth through its role in launching the gospel toward Rome (then the most important city in the Mediterranean world).This ancient city, the fertile ground from which this remarkable church emerged, was the perfect place (particularly considering our world today) for the first Gentile church to flourish. What makes this church’s story so applicable to the twenty-first century? What about Antioch’s setting predicates the possibility of developing a transformational church in our secular, irreligious world? We’re about to find out.

This Sunday School class is led by Geoff and Kim Switts and will meet at 9:00 am in Classroom B2.





EGCC is committed to be about “Loving God, Loving Other, and Helping Them Know and Follow Jesus.”  We are committed to help the adults of our church become all the Lord has made them to be and find their purposes in His world.  Our heart is to see “followers of Jesus” (what the Bible calls “disciples”) living their faith in all their week and growing in the knowledge and first-hand experience of being His person.

So with the Holy Spirit working in us, we are providing training in our Adult Sunday School to teach the skills and knowledge that helps an adult grow in these ways.  Some we have offered already, and more are planned ahead.

The image we are beginning to use for these “Stepping Stones” series of adult training.  Much more than mere information, they are a line of classes where by each one a follower of Jesus can “step” forward as they grow in Christ.  Here are the topics. Come walk with us.

Learning to Practice Spiritual Skills:

  • How to use my Bible

  • How to have a personal daily time with God

  • Finding my unique design for service and ministry

  • How to tell my spiritual story

  • How my personality and temperament fits with others

  • What are spiritual convictions (and what are my own non-negotiables)

  • How to manage my money from a Christian point of view

  • How to disagree with others and resolve conflict

  • How to hear God’s guidance and act upon what He asks

  • How to resist temptation and cooperate with God in my life

Learning Information that Leads to Decisions:

  • What is the Gospel

  • What is Baptism and Communion, Church and Membership

  • What are the basic beliefs of Christianity

  • What is the big picture of the Old Testament

  • What is the big picture of the New Testament