Should we be surprised?

By Nick Feliciano
In light of recent events I’m sure you are all wondering, what is going on in the world? Why are people so crazy? Are we going to run out of food? Maybe you’re just happy you don’t have to go into school (understandable). I am writing this so that we can continue to learn about God in light of a hectic and chaotic world.

Should we be surprised?

Read Matthew chapter 24:3-14

Now I don’t want to overwhelm anyone at this time, because the reality is Jesus said NO ONE
will know the day or the hour when His return is. And His return shouldn’t be feared for us that
believe in Him! He has saved us and there is an eternity we have to look forward to that has no
sickness, death or disease!

Look in verse 6 how it talks of rumors of war, and that these things must take place, but the end is not yet. These things must take place. Generations of people have also thought they were near the end. Even the disciples thought they may have been close. Think of generations that have survived World War 2, influenza, the black plague and more. Many probably your age at the time thought “is this it?”

Revelation, specifically 6:8, talks of famine and even plagues coming toward the end. As we have seen already, we see some of these things coming into fruition. But should we be afraid?

Personally, I don’t think so. There is still a lot mentioned, even if you read the rest of the chapter, that has not come to pass yet. Even here in America, we still have a ton of freedom to be a Christian and we must remember God desires for as many people to be saved as possible! (1 Timothy 2:4)

Now we have seen things that can point to the end all throughout history — civil wars, large scale wars, plagues and diseases. In light of all these things, our hope does not rest in this world, this country or even the people in it!

Our hope rests in Jesus

Our hope rests in Jesus and what he did on the cross for us so that no matter what may happen here, we have the hope of eternity that cannot be taken from those of us who put their trust in Him!

I want us to have the simple reminder that Jesus is our provider and He will provide our every NEED. He cares too much about us as His children to leave us even in a time like this.

Take some time to read Matthew 6:25-34. That is just one of the many promises God has for us that encourages us not to worry in these times or even in normal times! God is going to provide for His children, and as a believer and follower of Him, He is going to take care of your and my needs.

That doesn’t mean He promises we’ll be rich and successful! But he promises to meet our basic needs! So, for us as Christians we can look different in a world full of panic and fear because we know our God is so big that He is going to provide for us just as He has done in the past for other followers.

And when He calls us home, we have something to look forward to far greater than anything this earth has to offer. To end this devotional, I would encourage you to take some time to reach out to your friends or brothers and sisters, young and old, from the church and ask if they have any prayer requests or needs that you could help them with. And be sure to be praying for our country and the world
at this time!

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