Women’s Ministries

 Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to encourage women to deepen their relationship with God and each other based on His word. Our Mission is to:
  • DISCIPLE by building a solid foundation on God’s word
  • CONNECT with Christ and each other
  • REACH women with the gospel of grace
We plan our events to meet the needs and requests of the women in our church. Our focus this year has also been on communicating with the women of the church. Follow us on Facebook by searching EGCC Women’s Ministry and request to join.

Summer Fellowship and Studies

THURSDAY MORNINGS: Starting May 30. We will be viewing the DVD Series Against All Odds – Israel Survives, detailing the miracles God performed in order to establish the State of Israel. We will be meeting at the home of Phyllis Lucke from 9:30 to 11:30am through August 29. No homework. Come when you are in town and available to join in the fellowship. Contact Kate Miller at KateAnn5555@gmail.com
Starting June 12. 6:30-8pm at a location to be determined based on participation. The topic will be friendship, based on 10 Scripture selections that illustrate walking side-by-side. Contact Nancyjane Batten at 518.382.1818 or njb747@nycap.rr.com